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Hassan Sattar
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Justin Stander
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Commercial Drain Cleaning

Our diesel powered commercial drain cleaning machines, will clear lines from 50 to 250 mm in diameter. 

Hot and cold water industrial jet blasters run at 4300 psi @ 42 litres per minute, and our waterless units are capable of removing solid materials such as concrete and stone without causing damage to the interior of your pipes.

Our drainmen are trained to clear lines with as little disruption as possible to your facility, and since we log our achievements with a drain camera to verify that we have cleared the lines successfully, we can guarantee instant results.

After cleaning, the camera footage is uploaded to our cloud based storage for ease in sharing with our clients. This allows our clients to inspect our workmanship first hand.

Should you require pipe location or mapping services, please feel free to request this service from us. We offer this service using electromagnetic resonance and sonde location equipment.

Should we find a collapsed line, or other deficiency, we advise our clients immediately so that they may budget for future maintenance as opposed to reacting to an unwanted emergency. When it makes financial sense, we offer pipe rehabilitation solutions to reduce excavation costs and resultant damage.

With more than 12 years experience, we have proven that we are drain specialists.

We have provided services predominantly to shopping malls, hospitals, hotels, sectional title buildings, municipal buildings, property management organizations, restaurants and industrial facilities.

Please feel free to contact any of our referrals, since consensus is a bigger persuader than anything we can write about ourselves.

Drain Mapping

Hundreds of clients and 12 years experience, has earned us the privilege of being recognized by consensus as the leader in underground pipeline diagnostics.

We track storm water and drainage systems, for commercial, industrial and even domestic clients.

When as-built drawings aren’t available, we conduct a survey using various technologies which are able to pin point depth, and an accurate location of pipework to within a few centimetres.

We locate, assess and address any blockage quickly and effectively, using the drain camera technology for a physical drain camera diagnostic.

We identify and map breaks, cracks and blockages within a waste water system without compromising the pipe integrity. This allows us the ability to give our clients the best advice with regards to a repair strategy, of either a traditional method or with trenchless technology pipe rehabilitation.

Waste Water System Location

Our city’s, municipal information is often outdated, which can make finding a pipe or manhole difficult.

Our Sonde location equipment and ground penetrating radar gives us the ability to locate unmarked pipelines and drainage systems which flow under buildings, or find manholes that have been built over by subsequent construction.

Our technicians accurately identify the starting point and ends of the waste water drainage pipe, as well as the depth of the pipe line we are locating.

Removal of roots from a drainage pipe

Root intrusion is a major cause of problematic underground pipework. This is often the reason for reoccurring drain blockages.
We drill, chop, and grind all root growth within the piping system, and coupled with our drain camera inspection diagnostics, we guarantee that your blockage will be identified and repaired within the waste water drainage system.
We make use of powerful high pressure drain cleaning machines and rotary cable tools to access, breakdown and remove roots that have blocked your waste water systems without putting unnecessary strain on the existing plumbing system.This allows us to remove blockages fast and effectively.

Electro magnetic resonance tests 

Electro magnetic resonance tests is used to determine the location of your pipes and to found out whether there is a leaking pipe within that area. We make an electromagnetic signal in a specific frequency and we call this a pulse generator. This generates a specific pulse and that pulse travels along the line and using that electromagnetic signal, we use another machine called a sonde. The sonde picks up only that one signal out of all the signals on the face of the planet. This tells us how deep a pipe is, in what condition that pipe is and whether its leaking. It basically can see through walls, which provides the fastest and most reliable results. 


With over 12 years experience in the drain cleaning business, our technicians are skilled at dealing with blockages on pipes ranging from 15 mm diameter to 600 mm in diameter.

Our client base is  derived mainly from word of mouth, since our service is fast and effective.

Our philosophy is to provide a service of mutual benefit, as apposed to getting the client to pay us as much as we can get them to pay us.

Advertising to attract clients is costly and earning credibility takes time. By putting our clients needs as our prime directive, we benefit from referrals and repeat business.

When our primary focus is on ensuring that we have each others best interest at heart , then we need not be concerned about “looking out for ourselves”. In our organization, this affords us the opportunity to work as an efficient team. In our business , this affords us the pleasure of having loyal like minded clients.

Emergency Drain Cleaning

Our drain cleaning equipment is perfect for emergency drain blockage requirements. There is no blockage too big or too small that block-busters can not handle.

With multiple teams operating across the Western Cape, we pride ourselves on ensuring we can address any and every drainage or piping emergency 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We repair main sewer lines, downpipes, showers, sinks, blocked toilets, blocked basins and stormwater drains on a residential, industrial and commercial scale.

Our highly trained staff have 12 years experience and are accustomed to working in a wide range of environments.

We use advanced drain cameras to perform a drain inspections and diagnostics of the pipe line to assess the general condition of your sewage system to ensure that all pipes are free flowing. This is done at no additional charge.

Why do we provide drain camera diagnostics?

It is not possible for us to physically see inside the pipe buried underground, but thanks to technological advantages like this, we can take the guesswork out of the equation. 

The first reason we supply drain camera diagnostics, is to prove that we have effectively cleared the drain from all blockages. In the event that the client should have any doubts about the effectiveness of our services, we refer our clients to the camera footage which proves beyond doubt that we have given them a valuable service. 

Drain camera inspection diagnostics for planning preventative maintenance.

We determine the condition of the pipework, by checking for rust or scale build up. We check for weak spots in the pipe work which could result in a collapsed pipe in the future. We look for areas where trapped gas could erode the surface of the pipes and result in a collapsed drain pipe. 

Tree roots know that water can be found inside your water pipes. They will explore every possible entry point into that pipe in search of water. When they find a joint in the pipe, a root as thin as a human hair will find its way through that joint to gain access to the water. Tree roots are capable of finding hairline cracks in rocks in search of water, so a plastic, steel or ceramic pipe is not difficult for them at all.

That small tool absorbs water and expands in size until it is almost the same size as the inner diameter of the pipe itself. Needless to say, this root ends up causing regular blockages. 

By seeing  all of these potential problems in advance, our clients can prepare financially for a future expense, as opposed to being forced to make emergency repairs to a failed line. 

This gives the client time to consider the different options like pipe relining, pipe cracking, or the conventional dig and replace method. The client has time to consider the resultant damage and factor those costs. 

Often, we find that the obstruction causing the blockage was a combination of the two. 

Pipeline diagnostics enables us to confidently provide proven results as opposed to an opinion based on the most likely suspects. This is the only process that accurately checks the condition of your drain

In addition, drain camera diagnostics is recommended before purchasing a home or business premises. A CCTV camera inspection of the sewer system from the internal lines to the last manhole in the street will identify any issues such as tree root intrusion, corrosion or blockages which can all break down the pipe, which can collapse, resulting in huge repair costs.

What you can expect when we conduct a drain camera diagnostics inspection


We find the most suitable access point for the specially designed waterproof camera which is attached to a flexible rod that bends around the corners and twists in the sewer line, underground pipes, including pipes under cement and under your home’s foundation. In larger pipes, the camera is mounted on a wheeled crawler unit. 


The camera transmits a real time high-resolution image to the control monitor. Radio transmitters on the drain camera record depth and physical location of any defects or obstructions it encounters in the drain line. 

Compile a detailed report 

Our team compiles a detailed report about our findings and the camera footage is downloaded to Google Drive so the client can access this at any time. This provides proven facts about the drain condition without guessing where the problem lies or digging up pipes to locate the blockage. Most drain blockages are the result of a compromised connection, a collapsed section of the drainpipe, a bad fall or a break in the line allowing debris to accumulate inside the drain. 

In addition to the visual evidence transmitted by the drain camera, this data allows our technicians to determine whether it is possible to just excavate that line to replace collapsed or broken pipe, or whether it is smarter to rehabilitate that line using a pipe rehabilitation method.

Removal of bricks, concrete, stone and building rubble from drainage pipes

Construction contractors often have blocked drains through out the duration of the project due to cement and other building materials falling into the waste water system whilst workers are on site.

We make use of specialized high torque drilling tools to dissolve and remove the debris which is causing a blockage to the waste water system.
Once clear, we conduct a drain camera inspection to get a diagnostic on the condition of the pipe and to ensure that water flow has been restored.

This method is more cost effective than the alternative of replacing the pipe which is often buried beneath concrete or underground.

Contract Drain Cleaning

We have fully equipped teams working 24hrs a day 365, days a year to clear any blocked drain emergency throughout Cape Town.

We service and repair drains and pipes of all sizes for residential, industrial and commercial clients.

Our technicians have 12 years experience in clearing drains, and utilize the most technologically advanced equipment to ensure your pipework functions at an optimum level.

After our team has conducted a thorough diagnosis of your stormwater drains and waste water sewage systems, we advise on a preventive maintenance schedule and ensure that you receive a monthly or quarterly reminder from administrative staff to arrange an appointment at your convenience.

Pipe rehabilitation - No dig pipe repairs

With 12 years experience in the pipe rehabilitation industry, we have mastered the skills required to provide a full range of pipe rehabilitation techniques.

Our client base has spanned from residential properties, through to power stations, ships, the municipality. We have repaired pipes at the major hospitals and shopping malls in Cape Town.

Our teams are capable of handling any situation, and have worked in places ranging from remote deserts in Namibia, to rehabilitating pipes underwater.